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August 4, 2016

Battat Is Switching Gears!

Introducing, DRIVEN by BattatÔäó: a true-to-life, consumer-friendly and high-quality truck line.

DRIVEN by BattatÔäó marks a transition in the development process of Battat's brands from girl-oriented and pre-school products to a new range of boy-oriented products. We look to extend the imaginative, tactile and entertaining play experience provided in our other lines to this new member of the Battat family. This is best exemplified by the fact that we strongly believe that the ÔÇ£DRIVEN by BattatÔäó" experience depends on the child's interaction with the toy. We aim and succeed to create toys that put the user at the center and create ÔÇ£real play".

DRIVEN by BattatÔäó vehicles are effortlessly cool and include accompanying technology such as flashing headlights, horns, sirens and mechanically detachable and reassembled parts that are user (and, most importantly, child) friendly. Colorful and durable, these trucks are offered in a micro series, providing an on-the-go play experience.