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Pachyrhinosaurus is a close relative of the more familiar Triceratops. There are three know species of Pachyrhinosaurus. The type specimen Pachyrhinosaurus Canadensis was discovered in Alberta, Canada in 1946 by Charles Sternberg and named in 1950. Its range included Alaska and Alberta. Pachyrhinosaurus Lakustai was discovered in 1972 by science teacher Al Lakusta. In 2012 a partial skull was found in Alaska and was named Pachyrhinosaurus Perotorum after Ross Perot who was a contributor to the museum that sponsored the dig. The big bony boss on the nose distinguishes Pachyrhinosaurus from most ceratopsians.

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Overall this is an amazingly beautiful figure and I can't wait to see the others in the line! Hopefully, this new Terra series of figures will flourish, which will be great news for collectors. As of right now, the only place to get any of these new items is at Target stores un the US. For a line of authentic dinosaur replicas they are really cheap, especially compared to other lines.

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