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Cryolophosaurus had a distinctive nasal crest that runs the length of the skull and rises up at a right angle to the skull, and fans out just before the eyes. This thin and highly grooved structure fans out, giving it a comb-like appearance. There has been speculation that the unusual crest on Cryolophosaurus' skull was either a sun shield or a way of attracting a mate or showing off to a rival. In the Early Jurassic, Antarctica was much warmer than today, but the climate was still mild, not tropical. Antarctica was much closer to the equator than it is today. Cryolophosaurus was the first theropod dinosaur to bediscovered from Antarctica.

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So what we're left with here is a bipedal, closed mouth, accurate and interestingly painted 1:40 scale model of a fascinating theropod, and it's cheap and readily available to boot! What's not to love?

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