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2 to 6 years

More fun than a chorus of spring peepers!

  • Get movin' and groovin' to your own fabulous freestyle, then playback your recording in a fun, wacky voice!
  • Frog flips for fly-catching game! Follow the lights on the lily pads to catch every fly - the more you catch the faster they go! A funny slurp lets you know when you've hit the sweet spot!
  • Follow the light-up lily pads to drum along with familiar nursery songs.

4 AA batteries included

Comes with

  • 1 frog drum
  • 2 drumsticks

Some of my best memories from when I was a child was playing music. By the 3rd grade I was in band playing the clarinet, I played in the band from then until to senior year in high school. Before playing in the band I never really had any cool toys that could produce music, a set of pots and a wooden spoon were my drums. Now a days children have so many items to make music magic with, the Ribbit-tat-tat is one of those awesome items. I came across Battat while just doing my normal looking on the internet, they have so many brands it's crazy. B. Toys or B. as it's called is a new brand of children fun, creative and colorful toys. Recently we got the chance to try out one of their newest toys the Ribbit-tat-tat which is a pretty awesome drum for children 2-6 years old. Keep in mind parents that we can have fun with it too!

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