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Global Glowball™

8 months to 8 years

It's a dance party and the whole world's invited.

  • 39 songs
  • Colorful glowing lights
  • 7 continents light up in glowing patterns and colors
  • Push any continent to hear authentic music of its culture
  • Older children learn to recognize continents and their music styles
  • ÔÇ£Lights only" mode makes a gorgeous night light

3 AAA batteries included

Comes with

  • 1 globe

Designed for kids ages 8 months and up, the Global Glowball even comes with a little booklet that describes each of the songs that are played. Perhaps, we could suspend our own notions about each continent, and allow our children to enjoy the cultural differences of others. Perhaps, we could enjoy a little "African Sunshine" or "Banjo Matilda." My kids love the "Music from the Ice" that plays from Antartica! They are excited to hear the penguins, wind, and ocean sounds. The Global Glowball has even been known to take up residence at our dinner table to give us "mood music."