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2 to 6 years

Around and around these Bristle Blocks go. When you'll finally stop playing with them, nobody knows!

  • Interesting faces, modern colors
  • Twisty bases add movement & fun
  • Chunky, soft pieces are easy to connect
  • Booklet filled with building ideas included
  • Beautiful, reusable bin makes great storage

Comes with

  • 1 bin
  • 75 bristle blocks

community videos

  • YouTube Videos

Spinaroos are so much more than basic Bristle Blocks. This is a large set, and in addition to the classic square and rectangular pieces, there were patterned pieces, pieces with faces (which some children labeled "alien heads"), three-legged pieces with rotating connections, and handles with rotating connections. Testers built complicated worlds and constructed elaborate play scenarios with the "aliens" as central characters. Older children will especially like creating mechanical systems using the rotating parts. The set is well worth the purchase price for long-term play value and for the younger set deserves to be rated as highly as traditional Lego building sets.

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