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18 months to 5 years

A beautifully crafted alphabetic abacus, because you're never too young to enjoy a classic.

  • Smooth and sturdy wooden craftmanship
  • An alphabet party on the top, numbered friends at the bottom
  • Flip the blocks over and over and over again

Comes with

  • 1 wooden stand with alphabet and numbers

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B.Toys' AB3's is a beautifully redesigned version of a classic letters and numbers abacus toy. The wood is smooth and handsome; the pictures are sweet and attractively illustrated, and the construction of the toy's stand is superb. Many toy abacuses are flat on the bottom, making it nearly impossible to stand them upright. The AB3's abacus sits neatly and conveniently on a sturdy and very well made stand that is connected, as if it were all one piece.

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