Our toy brands have always had educational value. Whether didactic or nurturing, they invite kids into a world where the imagination forms the foundation for learning in creative, fun, and empowering ways.

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The Elemenosqueeze playset from B. Toys combines all of these elements into a single set of stackable, whackable, squeezable, squeakable blocks, making them one of our top baby toy recommendations – this is simply the perfect baby gift. Made in a wide range of lovely colors with a dizzying variety of beautiful bas-relief designs, the Elemenosqueeze building blocks are endless fun for babies to explore. They’re made with soft BPA-free recycled plastic, and when you squeeze them, they squeak. They’re easy to stack, and because they’re soft and light, there will be no ouches when baby knocks them down again and again. And they’re even fun in the bathtub!
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